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Ingredient Label Series - I

Welcome to the first post in the Ingredient Label Series, where we’ll be exploring how to read an ingredient label on a product!In this series, I’ll be highlighting several different common products that you can find in any grocery store and break down a few red flag ingredients in them. I’ll show you how to quickly and efficiently look at ingredient labels and determine what (if any) value the food product has to offer.

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The Real Way to Read a Nutrition Label

Today we are chatting about nutrition labels, how to read them, and what to really look at when gazing at the information on the back of a food product. You may think it’s easy to understand what all that information is, but there’s more to it! (Of course, because this is nutrition, after all!)

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The Most Important Things You Should Do to Start Getting Healthy

Everyday we hear about new ways to lose weight, get healthier or some type of food we should avoid because of its supposed health effects. But, when you get right down to it, there are some basic ideas and things you can implement pretty simply to start getting healthy. It doesn't take a cleanse or a wacky diet to start feeling better. It takes some simple ideas and a little bit of mindfulness to see some big changes without a lot of work. Read on for my tips!

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