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My Favorite Clean (and Affordable) Skin Care Products

Did you know that approximately 60% of the ingredients in our skin and beauty care products we use on a daily basis gets absorbed into our bodies? With that being true, I want to highlight today the importance of choosing safe (and effective!) skin and body care products that support health in the same way eating nutritious food does. The products we use on our skin can have a similar effect as eating healthy or unhealthy food. They can cause disease, reactions and ill health the same way eating toxic ingredients can.

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Let’s be honest, breakfast can be a challenge. I’ll be the first to admit, finding a balanced breakfast with good fat, protein and carbohydrates is hard. But, when you learn some tricks and new ideas, it becomes much easier to get a breakfast that’s satiating, healthy and satisfying! I know I’m not the only one that struggles with breakfast; I hear from people all the time that this morning meal is their biggest stumbling block to healthier eating.

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My Favorite Nutrition and Paleo Websites

When I first starting eating healthier and discovered paleo/primal food, I read a ton of different blogs. That was the primary way I learned about the grain-free life, learned how to cook, and most importantly, learned that eating this way is actually really delicious! Nowadays there are A LOT of great blogs out there, but I still have my favorites that I constantly return to for inspiration and food ideas.

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