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Healthy Travel Tips

Many of us have trips, vacations and travels nearing with the start of the holiday season approaching.  For many, this includes a break in our normal food habits and routines, different foods, more “treats and cheats”, different sleeping habits, more exposure to bacteria and viruses and overall less access to healthy foods. It can be stressful on our bodies and leave us feeling depleted and just plain “gross” after returning from a trip.

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Paleo Explained

If you are reading this blog, you are most likely interested or have at least heard of the term “Paleo diet”. Also known as the caveman, primal or ancestral diet. There are variances between each of these terms, but the basic premise is the same. The foods that make up these diets are those foods that our ancestors who roamed the land about 2.6 million years ago had access to in their natural environments. This means meat in all its forms, plants, fruits, fats and oils, nuts and seeds and limited natural sweeteners. 

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