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Grain-Free Pumpkin Bread

Yes, it's that time of year when everything pumpkin is making its return!

I made this pumpkin spiced bread from Danielle Walker's site Against All Grain, and it's very tasty! Plus, it's grain free (and therefore gluten-free), takes only a few minutes to put together and is free of many common allergens, junky ingredients and additives. I added some dark chocolate chips on the top, just because a treat is not a real treat to me unless it has chocolate involved. 

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Healthy Finds At Target

I was walking around the grocery section at everyone's favorite store, Target the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of healthy, real-food options they now carry! I A major road block to healthy eating is availability of healthier and nutritious foods, I hear it all the time from people. However, I know it's possible! It's becoming easier and easier to find healthy options, which is great news for you and I, but for people who are maybe somewhat less nutrition savvy and are being exposed to healthier foods in a more traditional grocery store.

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