How Nutrition Coaching Can Help You!


Nutrition coaching is a valuable tool, but sometimes it's not always clear what exactly it is or how it can help. I'm here to clarify some information and give you a better idea about my services and nutritional coaching in general!

I truly believe that nutrition coaching can help anyone at any stage of life. Think of it this way: we all eat. It's a fact of life, we all must eat food in order to live. This food can either help us or harm us. Every cell in our body is composed of and runs off the food we put in our bodies everyday. Knowing the difference between the harmful and helpful foods can be challenging. In order to properly nourish our bodies and get the results we want, nutrition coaching becomes a worthwhile tool that everyone can benefit from. 

Asking for help isn't always easy... however, ultimately it is a sign of strength that you care enough about your body, your future, your friends and family around you to live a longer and healthier life and to ask for help getting there. 

Here's just a sample of some of the health topics that nutritional coaching can help with:

- Energy levels that crash in the afternoon, especially after eating lunch or a big meal

- Skin issues such as redness, dry patches, tiny bumps on arms and legs, hives, and acne

- Blood sugar regulation issues such as unstable moods, fluctuating energy levels, "hangry" (hungry and angry) feeling if you don't eat at certain times

- Stress and mood disorders


-Sustainable weight loss

-Fertility issues and healthy pregnancy

-Allergies to foods, environmental triggers, or airborne irritants

-Digestive issues such as bloating, gas, stomach aches, or diarrhea

-Disordered eating behaviors such as cravings, binging or food restriction

-Ideas for meal planning, meal prep, recipes and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle

A properly trained and experienced nutritionist can provide you not only with the information to help these health woes, but also accountability and motivation to make these changes happen. This can be the missing puzzle piece when it comes to making a lifestyle or habit change. Even if you're pretty well versed in nutrition and health, you do your research, an outside influencer whose job it is to check up on your progress, ask you how you're doing and give you the accountability maybe you lacked before can make all the difference in your success.

After you're convinced that coaching can help you, you'll need to find a professional, knowledgable nutrition professional. There is a huge variety of nutrition coaching services out there, from many types of professionals (and some not so professional) with different certifications, degrees and levels of knowledge. Nutrition is an industry that is somewhat difficult to navigate if you're a newcomer because there is SO much information and many differing opinions out there. It's also somewhat of a challenge to find a reliable, knowledgable nutrition professional because the industry is very loose when it comes to standardization of credentials and certifications. I myself have a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. This is an accredited, four year degree that focuses on many facets of nutrition and health based on scientific research and data. This is so important when it comes to the field of nutrition and health because of the lack of scientifically supported information that yet somehow still gets labeled as "nutrition" and people believe. I know how to sort through this misleading information!

Technically anyone can call themselves a "nutritionist" without any type of formal education, training or certification. This is why you must do your research ahead of time and find someone who has the proper knowledge and background to give you solid scientific information based on research and not just the money-hungry diet industry information we are all fed on the internet and magazines. 

Finding someone that you trust and enjoy working with is just as important as well.  Find someone who takes your whole health picture into consideration, doesn't just advise you to take multiple types of supplements that can only be bought through their company that ends up costing you tons of money, and find someone who really listens to you. Search for a person who passes no judgement, who you can  build a friendly and constructive relationship with! If it's not the right fit, move on and don't give up. Most nutritionist will offer a free phone call or meeting to establish whether or not it's a good fit for both parties involved before you commit to any services. 

I invite you to take advantage of my nutritional health coaching services and schedule a free call with me to see if I can help you achieve your health goals and set you on a path to a healthier and happier life! If you've been considering reaching out for some help when it comes to nutrition or your health, this is the perfect opportunity.

Email me to set up an initial free consultation at, and check out the Services section of my website at for a complete list of services and pricing. 

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