Healthy Finds At Target

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I was walking around the grocery section at everyone's favorite store, Target the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of healthy, real-food options they now carry! I A major road block to healthy eating is availability of healthier and nutritious foods, I hear it all the time from people. However, I know it's possible! It's becoming easier and easier to find healthy options, which is great news for you and I, but for people who are maybe somewhat less nutrition savvy and are being exposed to healthier foods in a more traditional grocery store. I always recommend checking out the ingredients on products like this, however. Lots of times a product can appear healthy because of the marketing and claims the company makes on the front of the bag, but the real indicator of health is the ingredient list. Watch out for added sugars, refined oils, artificial colors and flavors, various gums and stabilizers or any other weird, foreign ingredient you don't recognize.

Here's a quick glimpse at some of the products that caught my eye. This is certainly not an all-encompassing list of healthy items at Target, just a few things I've tried and like! Also, this post is not sponsored by any of these companies, totally my own personal opinions here!


 I've tried many dried fruit varieties by this company, Made in Nature, and they are all delicious! The best thing about this particular brand is that they don't add unnecessary sugar to their dried fruits. Dried fruit is plenty sweet already, no need for extra sugar! Plus, they use organic fruits, which leads to higher nutrients. This was mix of fruits and pumpkin seeds, which looked really good!


Apple chips by Bare Snacks! These are crunchy, baked apple bites without any added sugar! Again, fruit is sweet enough already! These are a good snack when you want something a little crunchy and a little sweet.


I LOVE these coconut chips. This particular variety is sweetened with cane sugar, but there is an unsweetened variety available, I just didn't see them at Target. You can make toasted coconut chips very easily at home, but in a pinch and on the run, these are a great option! This company, Dang,  is coming up with a lot of new flavors and products too, so look out for some of those.


Larabars are very widely available these days, and for good reason. Simple ingredients, satiating fats and protein and tasty flavors. Made with mostly nuts and fruits, these bars are full of good ingredients! Target had these boxes of 5 bars on sale, and many flavors to choose from.


Another option from Larabar, these mint chocolate truffle bites! More of a treat, but how good do those look? I haven't tried these before, but the ingredients look awesome and who doesn't like a truffle?!

Yogurt! I was very surprised at the newer yogurt choices at Target. I always have a hard time finding the type of yogurt I like in regular grocery stores, I usually end up going to a health food store to find a full-fat, grass-fed, unsweetened, greek yogurt I like. Yeah, I'm a little picky, but let me tell you why.

First, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS recommend buying a full-fat yogurt made with WHOLE MILK. If you skimp on the fat, you're missing out on a lot of nutrients, and are just getting more sugar to replace the fat that's taken out. Not good. As I mentioned in previous posts, fat is not the demon it's been made out to be. We need fat, and good quality yogurt is a great place to get it!

Second, opting for a yogurt that uses milk from grass-fed cows will lend to a better quality product, and more nutrients. Cows that are allowed to eat their natural diet of grass, versus processed grains and soy products live happier and healthier lives, and in turn we get a better dairy product. Grass-fed yogurt is high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is related to many functions in the body including proper inflammatory response, higher immune response and even healthy body weight!

Grassfed products also have higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are needed to balance out the overconsumption of Omega-6 fatty acids (the bad ones!) that are abundant in our processed food diets.

Thirdly, unsweetened or plain yogurt will be a better option simply because it contains no added sugar. Dairy in itself has sugar from lactose, that's why you will see some sugar on the nutrition facts label, but other flavored yogurts will have a lot of added sugars. I usually sweeten my yogurt with cinnamon, vanilla extract, a few drops of liquid stevia and some fruit!


A stroll down the baking section revealed lots of different flours, too! Many brands of coconut flour, almond flour and gluten-free flours too. Bob's Red Mill is a popular alternative flour brand, they have many varieties. Experiment with a different flour in your traditional baking, you will be surprised at what you can substitute for wheat flour and still achieve similar taste and texture. There are so, so, so many recipes online for baked goods using coconut, almond, tapioca, cassava flour and many others flour types.


More coconut! Coconut is such a versatile, nutrient dense option! It's high in fat, easily used in the body for energy and is very filling. Coconut products from Let's Do Organic are awesome, Creamed Coconut (also known as coconut butter) is ground up coconut flakes in a smooth almost peanut-butter like consistency. I use it in smoothies, baking, curry dishes and even by the spoonful sometimes! Creamed coconut used to be really hard to find, so I was super glad to see it at Target.


Kombucha! I love kombucha, and this brand by Live Kombucha is one of my favorites. Kombucha is a fermented tea that lends nutrients and probiotics. Most varieties have a slightly bitter, almost alcohol taste, but this brand is very mild and almost tastes like soda. On sale at Target too, I bought this flavor for an afternoon treat.

Those are some of my healthy food finds at Target. Healthy eating doesn't have to be hard, it's possible if you know what to look for and can find some of these healthy options!

Let me know if you have a favorite healthy option at Target or if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!